History of sauna dates back to ancient nomadic tribes from Central Asia - the Scythians. According to archeological findings, a steam bath was part of their tents. They carried hot stones inside the tent, poured water over them, sat in a circle around, and relaxed. Then they cooled their bodies in a cold bath. The Scythians believed that this ritual would improve body's resistance to disease and help them survive. In a few thousand years later their faith was scientifically confirmed! Like the Skits or today's Finns, where sauna has become an integral part of their daily lives and is considered one of the happiest countries, we at KURZ architects believe in the culture of sauna and all the positive effects on body and soul. Yakisugi sauna was created as a community project with the intention of supporting and strengthening the relations of the Novohradské Mountains community.

Many people claim that Finland and Japan have a lot in common - culture, people or social norms. Our sauna concept combines Finnish tradition and Japanese aesthetics. You've probably heard and read a lot about Finnish saunas, however have you also heard about an ancient Japanese technique called yakisugi? Diverse and quiet beauty - as such one could describe the old Japanese technique of wood tanning, sometimes also called Shou sugi ban. Yaki means heat by fire and Sugi stands for cedar wood. However, also other types of wood can be treated the same way. The beginnings of this unique technique date back to the 16th century. Fire carries a strong symbolism and message. For humankind it is a necessary condition of earthly life: it provides warmth, it brings light, pleasure and joy. Fire is an ancient symbol of transformation and purification.

Stell structure  •  Larch (exteriour)  •  Sheep wool (insulation)  •  Larch (interiour)  •  Harvia wood stove from 

Height 2,2 m (ridge 3,3 m) •  Width 2,4 m •  Depth 2,8 m

Sauna Yakisugi - detail sauny. Autor: KURZ architekti
Sauna Yakisugi - detail sauny. Autor: KURZ architekti
Sauna Yakisugi - detail opáléného dřeva. Autor: KURZ architekti

Each piece is authentic

Every single piece that leaves our workshop is authentic and represents honest craftsmanship. Tanning wood creates unique patterns.
It is a timeless solution that will not bore you. Wood treated with the yakisugi technique retains its dimensional stability, is resistant to fire, water, pests and also rot. In addition, it is an environmentally friendly technique. This yakisugi sauna was designed to be in maximum synergy with nature.

Sauna Yakisugi - interiér sauny. Autor: KURZ architekti
Sauna Yakisugi - interiér sauny. Autor: KURZ architekti
Sauna Yakisugi - interiér sauny. Autor: KURZ architekti

Unique atmosphere

This sauna is an oasis of calm, where it is possible to benefit from the regenerative power of nature all year round, in any climate. The open-air sauna enhances the overall experience. Relaxing in the fresh air has the most beneficial effect on health. And what is the best about outdoor sauna? Definitely the cooling in snow, outdoor pool or natural pond! Our sauna is also fully mobile. It can be located even in hard-to-reach places. It will stand out in the garden, meadow or next to the pond. Its presence turns every place into a unique natural wellness. We will happily make this sauna for you too. 

Sauna Yakisugi v Novohradských horách. Autor: KURZ architekti

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