Proposal •  Area 1300 m²  •  Principal architect Jan Kurz

Vinařství Pod Chlumem - vizualice vinařství v krajině. Autor: KURZ architekti

Lubomír Bilík, who, among other things, had led the Salabka winery in Prague for many years, decided to join forces with an investor in order to breathe a new life into an abandoned vineyard located at the foot of Blšanský Chlum, a natural monument. Vineyards in this area was founded by Charles IV. You will find an exceptional microclimate over there. Grapewines grows on a volcanic, basalt subsoil, which is rich in minerals and gives the wine its specific features. The winery manages about 10 ha of vineyards and its goal is to produce a wine in the most natural way possible. The architectural proposal consists of a space for wine production, cellars, showroom, tasting room and also an apartment for a property manager. An inner autrium plays an essential role in the design. It is intented to be used for social events, yet above all to function as an unifying element that connects all the mentioned zones.


This particular interconnection of the respective zones defines the shape of the building. The building is covered with an oval windows that might resemble bubbles that are formed during fermentation process. The object is designed on a principle of a gravity-fed winery. In terms of construction and technology it means that the winery is arranged in such a way that the processing of grapes in the establishment and especially the transport of the processed raw material is by means of earth gravity, without pumps. The resutl is slow, gentle handling of grapewines and overall more ecological viticulture. Paying an imaginary tribute to the local, very specific landscape with a rich history was an essential part of the architectural concept. We aimed at placing an unusual, solitary and dominant building in the landscape, which in its own way reminds a modern chapel.


Concrete  •  Rammed earth  •  Glass

Vinařství Pod Chlumem - vizualice interiéru. Autor: KURZ architekti
Vinařství Pod Chlumem - vizualice vinařství v krajině. Autor: KURZ architekti

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