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How do we work? 


This phase is of a great importance to us as we gain a deep understanding of the unique circumstances of a particular project and client. Through several personal meetings we get acquainted with the location, place and its characteristics, its history, etc. We gradually discover your vision, values and lifestyle. We ask many questions and start looking for answers through the lens of architecture. The main output of this phase is what we call a ‘perception’ book.


At this stage we already start giving your project very specific outlines. From the architect's point of view, this is the most voluminous and time-consuming phase. You can expect very specific proposals and their detailed solutions, including the selection of materials, accessories etc. The main output is hand-drawn sketches followed by visualization. When we agree on everything to mutual satisfaction the time-consuming technical documentation comes into play. Our aim is to ensure a smooth implementation and so we always try to recommend or ensure suitable suppliers too. 


Throughout the whole realization we take on a role of author's supervision by standard. That means we regularly go to inspection days and intervene operatively where necessary. It is important to us to protect the esence of the project from the very beginning till its completion. Complete supplier coordination is provided on request.



At KURZ architects studio, we do respect philosophy of sustainability and as such we emphasize that economic, ecological and social factors are in balance. We do commit to creating an architecture that is largely respectful to nature and its resources. By choosing our studio, you let us know that you will comply with such philosophy and hence support the creation of quality buildings for real needs, not expand on the land without meaningful intent, use renewable energy and consume it wisely, take into account local traditions and materials, use harmless materials above all and create a healthy interior. All in all through your decisions you undertake, together with us, to contribute to the protection of the environment. 

Who are we?

Kurz architekti • Chief Architekt Zuzana Kurz • Chief Executive Officer Jan Kurz
Zuzana & Jan Kurz  


Zuzana and Jan Kurz are the heart of the studio. They both sucessfully graduated from the Faculty of Arts and Architecture at the Technical University of Liberec. In 2017 they gave their mutual passion real outlines as they founded the studio KURZ architects. Since then they have been building, step by step, a space where everyone involved, from fellow architects, planners, suppliers etc. is inspired and most importanly encouraged to come up with their own creative solution.

In the process of creation, freedom and client's trust are essential to them. From these two main ingredients, the magical essence of each individual projects is gradually materialized. Their approach to work does not believe in a characteristic style. They believe that each place requires unique attitude and approach, consideration for local peculiarities, needs of the client. Nevertheless, it could be said that Zuzana and Jan's work is characterized by respect for nature, a passion for materials in their authentic form, a great sense of detail and, last but not least, respect for traditions and proven methods.

Zuzana and Jan are inseparable from their son Olbram and Gustav, snow-white dog Jindřich and the eco farm Velký Jidřichov that is located in the solitude of the Novohradské Mountains, where they decided to settle and live permanently. They spend a large part of their free time revitalizing the surrounding landscape - restoring the original roads, Calvaries or planting alleys. With respect for its tarnished past they try to breathe a long-term vision into the Novohradské cultural landscape and so take a considerate care of its future.

Kurz architekti • Architekt Elena Filaková
Elena Fialková


Elena has been an integral part of the studio since the ealry beginnings. They have known each other for years and complement each other perfectly as a team. Elena graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague and next to the work she happily continues in doctoral studies. In the process of creation, it is important to her that architecture tries to be complex and, in addition to functionality and aesthetics, also works with psychological, ecological or philosophical aspects. For  Elen architecture is a kind of meditation and adrenaline at the same time. Behind every spark of inspiration are long hours of work and discussions, coordination of various professions, but above all the patience of all involved.

Kurz architekti • Chief Communication Officer Barbora Sopková
Barbora Sopková


Barbora has become part of the KURZ architects studio in order to participate in its strategic expansion. She graduated from the Faculty of Multimedia Communications at Tomas Bata University in Zlín. Her main mission within the Kurz studio is communication and building brand image. Driven by curiosity with years of experinces in public relation, advertising or management of digital platforms and products Barbora enjoys creating prosperous clients relationships while promoting creativity, originality and self-expression. Barbora is a proud owner of two whippets, Fru Fru and Fox.  

Kurz architekti • Architekt Ernest Babyn
Ernest Babyn


Ernest originally comes from Poland, where he graduated from the Technical University in Warsaw. Before landing in architecture, he had some time studying music, specifically playing the viola. After studies in Poland, thanks to his fascination with Swiss building culture, he found himself on several internships in Basel. In Switzerland, he even eventually successfully studied at the Academy of Architecture di Mendrisio (AAM), which proved to be a truly enriching experience. You can most often meet him on a mountain hike or attached to a climbing wall. In his spare time, Ernest also enjoys capturing architecture through the camera lens. Since 2019 he has been a member of the Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland.

Kurz architekti • Architekt Dita Petráňová
Dita Petráňová

Studentka architektury

Dita, like Zuzana and Jan, studied at the Faculty of Arts and Architecture at Technical University of Liberec. Now she is successfully pursuing a master's degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in the Studio of Architecture / Miroslav Šik School. You could also run into her in the Center for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning, where she enthusiastically develops her genuine interest in public space and current architectural and urban development of Prague city. Dita is an active and passive lover of a road cycling. It is not only a sport to her, but also a way to explore cities and landscapes. Dita clearly enjoys endless hours of creating models of various scales while drinking coffee!

Kurz architekti • Jakub Pleyer
Jakub Pleyer

Architect / Planner 

Without Jakub, the entire team of studio KURZ architects could not be complete. Jakub is an expert in construction, building materials and other important essentials of any construction. During the design process, he consults with the whole team on possible solutions for the project implementation, and most importantly is responsible for the preparation and coordination of technical documentation. Jakub graduated from the Faculty of Arts and Architecture at the Technical University of Liberec and is currently its postgraduate doctorate with a scientific thesis on the topic of Organism Architecture. In addition to designing and  projecting he works with young people, mostly students of Czech schools of architecture, as part of a creative architectural workshop, which always deals with current issues of modern architecture in the Litoměřice region. He is also an official member of the Commission for Territorial Development and Regeneration of Municipal Monuments of the City of Litoměřice. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, love Italian cuisine and Tuscany. He likes to relax while kiteboarding.

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