Area 200 m²  •  Principal architect Zuzana & Jan Kurz in collab. with Ing. arch. Martin Rosa  •  Photo Jan Junek 

Kavárna Café Datel - interiér kavárny. Autor: Kurz architekti

The owners love coffee, bake beautiful cakes, delicious bread and most of all enjoy pleasant company within a cozy and aesthetically pleasing environment. Cafe Datel combines all those aspects and much more.The space is a restful, comfortable café during the day and a bit stormy yet decent bar at night. The café is located in the building of the national cultural monument. The entire space is dominated by a distinctive and high vaulted ceiling, which we kept in its original, clean form. Significant, permanent and solid element that attracts attention is the cascade counter, which has become a main contact point with coffee, newspapers, cakes or various rums.

It gives off a robust and sturdy impression, while it does not act as a spatial barrier. Along the perimeter walls of the café there is a bench, which turns into a soft couch with pillows followed by shelves located at different heights behind the bar counter. As such the entire space is embraced. Details complementing the environment such as diverse flower pots, newspapers, dinosaurs, colorful pillows, refurbished old chairs and similar trifles, are somewhat daring and invasive still add to a household's feeling. Last but not least, the original full glazing was replaced by openable windows, which interfaced the outer with the inner life of the café.


Oak wood  •  Cement trowel  •  Paper

Kavárna Café Datel - pohled zpoza barového pultu. Autor: Kurz architekti
Kavárna Café Datel - dřevěná lavice obíhající po obvodu. Autor: Kurz architekti
Kavárna Café Datel - sezení u otevíratelných oken. Autor: Kurz architekti
Kavárna Café Datel - police za kávovým a barovým pultem. Autor: Kurz architekti
Kavárna Café Datel - venkovní zahrádka. Autor: Kurz architekti
Kavárvna Café Datel - kaskádovitý dřevený pult vytvářející zázemí. Autor: Kurz architekti

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